Sushi : What is so great about Sushi? And how to Sushi?

Traces of sushi can be found 5000 years ago. This was a method used to preserve the fish through fermentation process. Earlier the rice was only used for preserving the fish and it was later thrown but eventually they started using that rice as the rice too absorbed strong flavor of fermented fish. It became an entire meal in itself. Sushi is a Japanese Cuisine which is basically made with vinegar rice and seafood. The word ‘Sushi’ means sour tasting and in sushi this sour taste comes from the vinegar rice which is the main and basic ingredient in sushi preparation. The greatest thing about Sushi, apart from being a complicated dish to present, is that it can be made with huge variations. It can be made in innumerable ways but the basics remain the same; sour rice and its roll shape. You can be as creative as you can while making sushi. It can be made with any ingredients in the center for flavor with vinegar rice as the outer roll layer.

There are a number of ways sushi can be made but the most popular of them are combination of fermented fish with strong flavors, rolled in vinegar rice. However you can choose any combination of fish and vegetable you like to be placed in the center of your sushi. You can be as imaginative as you like and craft you own sushi variety. Sushi is not simply a rice and fish dish. It can be made with shrimp, crabs, turkey, squid, chicken, duck, cucumber, eel, pesto, lettuce leaves, sea weeds, prawns; avocado, bean sprouts, Asparagus, sea urchin, egg, salmon, etc. etc and the list can go on and on. You can use any combination of ingredients as per your taste and make your sushi. You will discover that making sushi will become very simple and too good to be true, sushi is low in calories and tastes delicious. And we would not wonder if sushi becomes one of your favorite dish.

Making sushi becomes challenging only when it comes to rolling and cutting it. It takes a great deal of skill to roll it perfectly with even layered rice around the center flavored stuffing. Have you ever thought of any way in which sushi can be rolled and enjoyed without having to spend hours in its preparation? Have you come across anything in the market which helps you to roll perfect sushi without efforts? Sushi rolls can be rolled manually but it requires skill and practice to make perfect rolls. It is important to make the rolls that are perfectly bound so that you can cut it in even small rolls. These days there are many types of equipment available to roll the sushi rolls evenly but not all are so helpful. Before getting the most convenient equipment, you might end up buying equipments that only claims to be the best but are actually not.

By Sushiquik Team

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