5 New Exciting Sushi Alternatives For Seaweed

I am writing this,  because this past week, I was on my sushi kick and had it 3 times. I see that the Japanese restaurants are now competing with each other by inventing new variations of sushi and sashimi.

The interesting variations and combinations include all of these preparation methods and features:

  1. new variations of rice like balasamic vinegar
  2. new alternatives to the ever popular surrounding, seaweed, like mango
  3. new styles of preparing the fish including more “spicy” items and deep frying the entire roll

The Many Surroundings Of Sushi

When I say surroundings, I am talking about what is surrounding the fish. Usually, that’s seaweed. Seaweed is usually dark green in the ocean, but in our sushi dishes, it usually appears black. That’s because it was soaked in vinegar to remove some of the disgusting ocean water taste, but that’s ok, because even the bitter fishy taste of seaweed has become standard among us sushi fans.

However, for the last 20 years, the sushi industry created the “Naruto” which means cucumber in Japanese, so whenever you see a sushi dish with the word “Naruto” in it, it means “covered in cucumber”. There are sushi dishes called tuna naruto, salmon naruto, and even California Roll Naruto.

Mangoes are now the newcomers to the sushi world. Some Japanese restaruants are now offering mango as the replacement for seaweed in an attempt to acquire new sushi customers who may not like seaweed.

The Mango Dragon Roll is a regular dragon roll, which is usually tuna or salmon covered with eel and avocado.

Also, another popular surrounding is the avocado. Avocados are also making there way as the surrounding replacement for seaweed since they have a more mild taste and texture than seaweed.

Eel is another great alternative, but only for people who like a fishier sushi!

Eel has become a class alternative to seaweed for sushi, but has an even more fishier taste that seaweed. Eel is popular as a surrounding alternative to sushi or as a main part of the sushi and appears in dragon rolls and other popular sushi dishes.

Written by Bruce Chamoff

article source : http://hubpages.com/food/New-Exciting-Variations-Of-Sushi-Are-Japanese-Restaurants-Inventing-New-Sushi-Combinations-To-Compete-With-Each-Other