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How To Eat Sushi Nigiri

Sushi nigiri is a popular type of sushi where a sliver of raw fish is placed on the rice bed, which allows the full taste of the fish to be the star. There are numerous ways to prepare this sushi. Each time you savor it, it could be a completely new experience.

Certain chefs choose to use nori to keep the fish on the rice bed. Other chefs choose a tiny bit of wasabi. Since there are many dissimilar ways to prepare sushi rice, the rice itself can modify the flavor of the fish.

Also, there are many different ways to eat nigiri; each way can change the sushi taste. As you eat it, you are expected to eat the nigiri to ensure that the fish touches your tongue first. If you eat the sushi rice down, you may lose the vital taste of the fish.

Since a sushi chef prides himself on the choice of fish for nigiri in the sushi menu, ensuring that you eat it the right way is important. A lot of people love the taste of soy sauce with their nigiri. However, you should make certain that the soy sauce doesn’t wet the rice as it will change the overall taste.

Eating sushi is just as much an art as the making of the sushi. Nigiri sushi could be consumed two ways, either with your fingers or chopsticks. However, whenever you eat sushi, you have to make sure that you waste nothing.

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